The Cost of Guiding

Fair Play Vouchers

Apply now for a Fair Play Voucher and receive a voucher worth $150.00 to put towards your membership with the remaining going towards unit fees and support group fees. Please note that you are only allowed to apply once per calendar year.

Get applying now!

Girl Guides Queensland Membership

There is a one-off joining fee of $25.00.

An Annual Membership fee is due each year to cover insurance of $155.00 per year (this has been increased in 2020).

You can come along for four weeks to give Guides a go. If you decide to stay with us, and we hope you do, then fees are due in your fifth week.

Enrollment Fee

There is a one-off enrollment fee of $50.00 to cover the following:

  • Sash
  • World Badge
  • Promise Badge
  • State Badge
  • Unit Tape
  • Patrol Badge
  • Guide Hat or Cap

This is due when you make before your Guide Promise.

Unit and Support Group Fees

You can pay up front for the calendar year, or pay each term as follows. Unit fees cover the cost of running the relevant Unit. Support Group fees cover the running expenses of the hut. Fees are per member.

Up Front

  • Unit Fees: $120.00 per guide
  • Support Group Fees: $160.00 ($160.00 for a family)

Per Term

  • Unit Fees: $30.00
  • Support Group Fees: $40 ($40 for a family)


All of the badges the girls earn are paid for by the unit. The basic uniform items are as follows:

  • Unit Shirt - $29.00
  • Bucket Hat - $10.00
  • Uniform Shorts - $30.00 (or you can provide your own navy blue shorts or pants)

Full costs of other uniform items can be found on the Girl Guides Supplies website.


Girls and Leaders will need to purchase a handbook. Separated into age groups, derived from developmental stages (plus one generic handbook for Leaders), the handbooks are designed to ensure success at every stage of the Guiding journey. Jam-packed with fun ideas and new badge challenges, these books are a wealth of information for Leaders and trace a Guide’s journey.


Camps and outings are available at an extra fee. Leaders usually advise of these events early to allow you to budget for them. An average outdoor camp starts at around $50.00 for a weekend.


Membership and uniform costs may be paid for in part by the District. Contact the District Manager for more details.


Guides may also do fundraising activities at times to help with the above costs.