Hall Hire

The Deception Bay District Girl Guides hut can be hired for an hour or a day, on a casual or regular basis. The facilities available are as follows:

  • Carpeted space of approximately 15m x 8m.
  • A kitchen with fridge, two stoves, a microwave, kettle, urn and a variety of cook utensils.
  • Nine 1.8m fold up tables.
  • Twenty-five fold up chairs.
  • Bench seats with capacity for another twenty persons.
  • TV, DVD player and amplifier.
  • Wall fans and air conditioning.
  • Single, unisex bathroom.

Hourly rates start at $25/hour for casual usage. Reduced rates can be offered for long term rentals or for whole-of-day rentals.

Typically, renters are required to have their own Public Liability Insurance (PLI) with no less than $10 million cover. See below for insurance requirements.

A copy of the License to Occupy agreement for renters with PLI can be found here. For private individuals eligible to rent without PLI, the Facility Hire License Agreement can be found here. One of these forms must be completed in full before hiring can commence.


Private individual hire of the hall is permitted for one of the following purposes:

  • for overnight and casual accommodation usage for private, non-business related purposes.
  • as a location to hold a one-off, private, social gathering such as wedding reception, anniversary, birthday and other parties, christening, reception, reunion.
  • as a regular location for casual hobby activities with no services and/or products provided, nor fees collected by and for person(s) involved with group, such as art groups, scrap booking groups, philatelist groups.

The following are not Private Individuals:

  • Third Party Hirer that provides a service and/or product for financial reward or fee.
  • Third Party Hirer who should hold their own Public Liability Insurance as a business or not for profit organisation.

Bond/Security Deposit

A bond may be required depending on the nature of the rental. Payment of a bond does not limit the lessee's liability to the value of the bond, and all damages or restoration to the premises over and above the bond will be met by the lessee.


The District or Region Leader is to sign the forms on behalf of Girl Guides Queensland.

All pages to the Agreement must be initialed in the bottom right hand corner as indicated. Any alterations to the Agreement must also be initialed by both parties.

Any Agreement (apart from one off hires) need to be forwarded to the Girl Guides Queensland Support Centre for approval and signing off by the SEO before the hiring commences, and must include a copy of the Licensee Certificate of Currency, where relevant.


The hall is currently not available for accommodation purposes for persons other than Girl Guides Australia and their members.


Please check the calendar below to check the general availability of the hall. While every endeavor is made to keep this up to date, the final decision around availability is with the Support Group.