Get Involved

Youth Membership (5 to 18 years)

Guides discover, decide, plan, participate and develop their program to suit their Unit with the guidance of an Adult Leader. Guiding activities vary from week to week and ensure the positive Guiding motto's of "Be Prepared" and "Guides can do anything'.

Guides offer you a 4 week trial which enables you to participate in all activities and really experience Guiding before making the decision to join.

  • If you join Girl Guides between 5-17 you will be a youth member and placed into a Unit.
  • Units are structured so girls are with their own age group.
  • Unit meetings usually take place once a week during the Queensland school term for 2 hours within a local hut or community space.
  • Units have opportunities to participate in many programs outside Unit meetings, for example: helping run community events, embrace the outdoors through camping and other adventurous activities, enjoy social outings with other Units and even learn how to save a life.
  • Girl Guide Recognition System
  • Guides can earn awards within a Unit program, Unit outings and through their own personal accomplishments.
  • These awards can include Unit and District recognition as well as badges and certificates for: completing challenges, gaining new skills, fundraising, participation in activities and introducing a friend to Guiding.
  • Some awards allow girls to set their own personal challenges, others require certain skill levels to be achieved and some awards are designed to be only achieved within a certain time and/or by a certain age group.

For more information about Awards and the Girl Guide Recognition System please visit the Girl Guides Australia website.

Adult Membership

Leaders must be female, aged 18 or over and become a member. Please view the Leadership Roles page on the Girl Guides Queensland website, or download the Information Kit for Volunteers and send the Enquiry Form to Girl Guides Queensland today!

Support Roles

If you would like to help Guiding and haven’t the time to commit regularly as a Leader, there are many volunteer roles that can be done in your own time or as a special project thus providing a valuable contribution.

Share your special interest or skill with Guides. Listed below are just some of the options available:

  • Unit/District volunteer support person – assisting Leaders with tasks such as – shopping, banking and account keeping, newsletters, administration, program activity preparation
  • Occasional helper – how often you help out at a Guide meeting is up to you, you may be part of a parent or helper roster
  • Guest speaker, facilitator or presenter
  • Fundraising
  • Promotion /marketing
  • Catering for large or small events
  • Property or Guide Hall maintenance or management
  • District Support Group member
  • Committee member in your area of expertise
  • Helping out at events
  • Auditor
  • Treasurer

There are many valuable volunteer roles available. Supporters can be men or women, aged 18 or over and membership is not required. Please contact us for more information.